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I believe in the Law of Attraction. What we put out into the Universe is what we get back. Therefore, I see the relationships around me like mirrors. The most telling is the one with our intimate partner, especially if it is a recent relationship.

For example, if we are confident, feel good about ourselves, ready to love, respectful and positive, that is the kind of mate we will draw into our life. Conversely, if we are unhappy, insecure, or have not done the work on ourselves, this will also be reflected in the person we date.

Coming from this point of view, I took a very close look at my past partners. I evaluated them and myself as objectively as I possibly could and acknowledged my weaknesses. With my usual willpower and determination, I set about to change that which I did not like in myself, did not wish for in my mate.

I realized to attract that smiling, happy man whom I have seen in my future, I had to become his equal, his mirror. The course by Marisa Peer has been incredibly helpful in letting go of past hurts and changing the way I talk to myself. I now consciously replace anything negative which comes to mind, I rephrase it into a positive. What a difference!

I was afraid of not being good enough, not lovable. That was the main thing holding me back. Well, no more. I have become that which I desire. Not need, mind you, but want.

I have done a lot of work on myself, I have become and keep on becoming. I am confident, able to give unconditional love and receive it, treat people with kindness and respect, I am positive, happy, compassionate, trusting, and see the world around me as a wondrous place full of opportunities, beauty, and miracles.

I am ready to meet my mirror and know that we will continue to grow together to improve our skills in dealing with conflict as well as maintaining love, trust, and excitement in our lives. No more holding back but a complete sharing of all who we are.

I want a love which will last, a life filled with happiness and laughter, abundance of all kinds, adventures, and I also want my books, movies, and games to do well. I see all that in my future.

He is close, I can feel it. I am excited to meet him, looking forward to sharing myself and my heart with this beautiful person. He is who I chose to become the love of my life.

I believe that we all want this kind of relationship in our lives. My advice is very simple. Become the person you wish to attract! Life is amazing and anything is possible. Believe, trust, do the work on yourself, and all that you can dream off and more can be yours!

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