My Writing
           Life is an amazing journey.  I consider myself incredibly blessed to be this healthy, able to walk again, dance, and have such a wonderful life.  Music often inspires me and helps the words to flow.  I love to create and could not imagine my life without it.  I wrote poetry from childhood on but did not get serious about actually writing a book until 2012.  At that time, I decided I was going to share my story of how I ended up in a wheelchair for several years and how I fought my way back to life.  At first, it was flowing pretty well but then I found delving into all that unhappiness too depressing and the project soon stalled. 
          While sailing across the ocean in 2013, I started having extremely vivid dreams.  When I wrote these down, more facts emerged, almost like had lived these stories.  I started to compile them into a book, created a solar system to go with them, worlds, and maps.  While I was working on my magical tales,  a new story came my way.  At first, I intended to include it with the rest but 'Thorgrim’s Dream' turned into so much material it will  take up several volumes.              
            Since my newest project had turned into a trilogy, I  decided to give it the time and effort it deserved.  I felt that I needed to create a name for myself first before publishing this series so I started on a book of stories.  I have included one of these in my Blog.  I was actually almost done writing and editing my latest creation when I had this amazing dream.  The story just begged to be told and I could not refuse. 
          At first, I thought it would be just another short story to be included in the book I was working on. But, when I started putting it on paper, it took on a life of its own.  “Arianna - A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms" is the result of this dream.  Some of the twists and turns were as much of a surprise to me as I hope they will be to you.  This made writing this entertaining tale incredible fun.  This will be the first of my books to see publication.  I  am also turning this story into an audiobook.  The soundtrack will include some of the incredible music by the talented Christopher Boscole and amazing Rhonda Mackert for your listening pleasure.
          Once this project is completed, it is time to go back to some of my other tales.  I have grown incredibly both as a writer and human being in the last couple years and will be able to approach them from an entirely new vantage point.   I believe in divine timing and that there is a reason for everything and 'Arianna - A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms' just felt right as my first publication.
About me
          I believe that a journey is much more fun with company than walking along on your own.  I am very grateful that in my heart and soul I feel the someone out there who will be sharing my life.  For now, I am happy with my writing and going on long walks with my lively little dog.  I have wonderful friends, many of whom are incredibly talented artists themselves. Most important, we share much love and laughter.   My adorable dog helps me to stay fit and healthy and the guinea pigs are always entertaining and cuddly.  The magical summer months we spend kayaking, sailing, and hiking in the magnificent Pacific North West.    
          I love Hawaii as well as the beautiful Pacific Northwest, especially Washington State.  I sailed from there to Hawaii in 2013.  It was the most amazing experience of a lifetime.  Dawn on the ocean, hundreds of miles from land, is without compare.   You watch as first just a few shadows appear.  Then, as the light increases, the world around you becomes a little clearer and more colorful.  Slowly but surely, the brightness increases until the sun bursts over the horizon to bathe the world in its radiant light.  When you are out there, you leave all your land-based troubles behind.  There is just you, your mates, your trusty vessel, and the ever-changing sea.  My love for the ocean has grown so deep I could not imagine a life without sailing, kayaking, or living close to the sea.            
          The summers in Washington are without compare.  I love the tall dark trees, the magnificent mountains, the picturesque San Juan Islands, and incredible Puget Sound.  Micha and I go hiking, kayaking, and spent time with all the wonderful people we have not seen in a while.  To me, this is a renewal of my spirit, my very soul, a return home.            

          My inspiration these days comes from many places, dreams, walks in the woods, or something seen in passing.  If you would like to read some of my work, one of my stories and a few poems are published on my Facebook page, GC Sinclaire, as well as on my Blog.  I post updates and ideas on my page and would love to connect with you there.   
Much love and a wonderful day!