My Writing
 Life is an amazing as well as entertaining journey.  I consider myself incredibly blessed to be this healthy, able to walk again, dance, and have such a wonderful life.  Music often inspires me and helps the words to flow.  I love to create and could not imagine my life without it.  I wrote poetry from childhood on but did not get serious about actually writing a book until 2012.  At that time, I decided I was going to share my story of how I ended up in a wheelchair for several years and how I fought my way back to life.  At first, it was flowing pretty well but then I found delving into all that unhappiness too depressing and the project soon stalled. 
While sailing across the ocean in 2013, I started having extremely vivid dreams.  When I wrote these down, more facts emerged, almost like had lived these stories.  I started to compile them into a book, created a solar system to go with them, worlds, and maps.  While I was working on my magical tales,  a new story came my way.  At first, I intended to include it with the rest but 'Thorgrim’s Dream' turned into so much material it will  take up several volumes.  It is very Tolkinese and is waiting for me to get the other books out so that I can give it my undivided attention.            
Also, I felt strongly that I needed to create a name for myself first before publishing this epic series so I began the editing on the book of stories.  I have included one of these in my Blog.  I was actually almost done with this work when I had this incredible dream.  The tale just begged to be told and I could not refuse. 
At first, I thought it would be just another short story to be included in the book I was working on. But, when I started putting it on paper, it took on a life of its own.  “Arianna - A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms" is the result of this dream.  Some of the twists and turns were as much of a surprise to me as I hope they will be to you.  This made writing this entertaining tale incredible fun.
Somehow, it just felt right that this would be the first of my books to see publication. I was initially going to use Balboa but ended up creating my own publishing company. Eventually, I  will turn this story into an audiobook.  
Since then, I have published three more books. While working on the sequels to 'Arianna' a dream presented me with a whole new storyline and the 'Mystic Highlands Series' was born. Two of these, 'Mystic Highlands Love Story' and 'Mystic Highlands Wedding', are now published. The third is in the works. In between these two, another dream turned into the 'The Shapeshifters Bride.' All four books are available on Amazon in paperback as well as Kindle versions.
In the last couple of years, I have also worked with a fellow author, Patton Boyle, to help him bring his thought-provoking and life-changing books to publication. I assisted him with some of the editing and did his interior design, layout, as well as the covers. The result was:
The Peaceable Kingdom; The Land of Joy:  A Story about Loss and Hope for Adults or Children; Screaming Hawk: The Mystic Warrior; Screaming Hawk: The Mystic Paths; Screaming Hawk: The Mystic Teacher; and the fourth book in the series, Screaming Hawk: The Mystic Healer.
My latest work, set in the arctic on a planet not unlike ours, was supposed to be just one book. As happens so often, this exciting tale took on a life of its own.  It continued to grow and it hit me one day that the dream had set the stage for a large number of sequels. Once the first two installments are comleted, I will return to the next part of to the Mystic Highlands Series.  
I truly love what I do and feel incredibly blessed to have the ability to not only put the words on paper but also create the graphics I need. My writing allows me to process the past as well as current events. It feeds my heart and soul, is a bliss, my life purpose.
Over the last few years, I have grown, both as a writer as well as a human being. This gives me more introspection and an ever-increasing understanding of myself and the world around me. I believe in divine timing and that there is a reason for everything. My tales are a gift to this world and I hope that the subtle message of love and forgiveness touches my readers hearts and helps make this world a better place.
About me
I was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, and grew up there until I immigrated to a lovely plot of land in Sutherlin, Oregon. Over the years, I spent some time in California, and then Utah where I entered the US Army. My training started in Alabama and continued in Texas. My first and only duty station was Fort Campbell in Kentucky. From there, I moved into Tennessee before finally finding my way back to the west. Since November of 2011, my home has mostly been here in the delightful city of Gig Harbor , Washington, with a few months here and there spent in Hawaii. 
I believe that life is an incredible journey and much more fun with company than on your own. Therefore, I truly treasure my friends and family. One day, I will meet someone to share my life with, someone who will make my heart and soul sing.  For now, I am happy and content. All is as it should be. I have my writing, a fairy garden to play in, my pets to keep me entertained, lots of parks and beaches not far away, and the mountains within an hour's drive.  
I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends, many of whom are talented artists themselves. Most important, we share much love and laughter.   My adorable dogs help me to stay fit and healthy and my two ancient guinea pigs are fun and cuddly. The magical summer months here in the magnificent Pacific North West lend themselves to all kinds of outdoor activities. This does distract from my writing but it is worth it since the beauty around me feeds my soul and gives rise to new stories.    
I love the glorious Pacific Northwest, especially Washington State. It is home and always will be. I sailed from here to Hawaii in 2013. It was the most amazing experience of a lifetime. Dawn on the ocean, hundreds of miles from land, is without comparison. You watch as first just a few shadows appear. There is an anticipation in the air since you never know what to expect. The night, after all, has shrouded your environs, hiding potential trouble. Then, as the light increases, the world around you becomes a little clearer and more colorful.  Slowly but surely, the brightness increases until the sun bursts over the horizon to bathe the world in its radiant light, revealing all that had been hidden. 
When you are out there, you leave all your land-based troubles behind.  There is just you, your mates, your trusty vessel, and the ever-changing sea. My love for the ocean has grown so deep I could not imagine a life without sailing, kayaking, or living close to the sea.            
The summers in Washington State are magical.  I love the tall, dark trees, the magnificent mountains, the picturesque San Juan Islands, and the waters of the Puget Sound.  To me, being out in all this beauty is a renewal of my spirit, my very soul, a return home. My dogs and I go hiking and love to explore. Kayaking is something that I prefer to do without them or with just one. The idea of ending up in the cold water is not very appealing.
Before Covid, my pack and I used to spend time with all the wonderful people in my life. Now, this is severely limited as are in person interactions with my readers.  I truly miss this, especially hugs. Being vaccinated has allowed for some get-togethers with family and friends. This makes me happy but I can't wait for the day when it will be safe enough to have book signings.      
My inspiration these days comes from many places such as dreams, walks in the woods, or something seen in passing.  If you would like to read some of my work, a couple of my stories and a few poems are awaiting you on this website. In addition, a dating guide for those of us who are empaths and tend to be too forgiving and nice is included here. On my Facebook page, GC Sinclaire, I post updates and ideas. You can also connect with me there.   
Much love and a wonderful day!