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The seed of new love

Is a precious gift, a treasure

Nurture it, embrace it

It will sprout and grow

A tender stalk emerges

Full of possibilities

Continued care and affection

Makes it grow strong and brighter each day

Tended with regard and awe

And some adoration

It begins to thrive and bloom

Making your eyes sparkle

Your heart sing and soul delight

You’re skipping along

On Cloud Nine.

Some will think they’ve won now

That the prize is theirs

What great foolishness!

Like a cherished rose

That so tender feeling

Will require nurturing.

Treat this priceless seedling

With the love that it deserves

Show respect and admiration

And the gift is yours.

Dedicated to the truly amazing man who will one day share my life.

(published 21 October 2021)

© Copyright 2021 by GC Sinclaire

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