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Cara’s Dream

© GC Sinclaire 2015, 2017, 2019

This story is dedicated to the amazing man destined to walk beside me.



Cara was tired, but it was a good tired, one that came from feeling pleased with a job well done. She had been working on her latest book intensely for days. This one was shorter than the rest. Like most of the others, it had begun with a dream. She intended to have it published in time for Christmas. She had fallen into a pattern, would wake up, have breakfast and work.

Sometimes, she was so deep in her writing that the world disappeared, and time would fly by. After she ate lunch, she went for a hike with her dogs, worked some more, had dinner, and then worked some more, often until late into the night. She would stop when the story was done, or she was so tired she could no longer see straight. Being busy had helped to heal her aching heart and had helped her to finally let go.

She had actually been working on book 3 of a series, but suddenly, a new story had started to pour forth wanting to be told. This latest book was turning out to be tremendous fun. It was different from the others in that it was the only one she had written so far in the first person. Maybe in some alternative universe, this story had been part of her life. Cara had every intention to finish it within 3 months and get back to the series.

When she was not writing, she was working on her own development. Along with gaining a better understanding of herself came compassion for the man she had loved. He was an amazing artist and a very sensitive man, but their ideas of a relationship had been too different in the end. Now they were just friends who occasionally did things together. She felt no anger towards him, there had been some wonderful times and she had experienced tremendous growth. She knew that a relationship full of love, respect, and kindness was in her future. She saw herself with someone she could talk to about anything and who had the tools to work out problems, who was into spiritual growth, and who would treat her as his equal.

Her last relationship had vacillated between heaven and hell. When times were good, they were amazing, and she had never laughed so much. She had always loved how their eyes locked while they were talking and how the outside world had just seemed to fade away as she was lost in his gaze. Nothing else had mattered, just her and him. She missed this intimate connection but to Cara, a relationship was give and take. She understood that no one was perfect, to love someone meant accepting and loving them just as they were. She worked hard on not judging people. She tried to help where she could and to treat people with kindness and love, but she had also learned to establish boundaries which, in the end, her ex had crossed one too many times.

Cara had allowed herself to feel the grief for the loss of a relationship she had seen as very special. It had helped her heal. She had been so amazed to discover how much she could feel and that she could survive this deep, searing pain. She had finally comprehended that this also meant that she could feel incredible love. This realization had filled her with a total sense of awe. Had she ever been this alive before? Had she ever been able to feel what she could now? For a long time, she had shied away from pain, from negativity, had suppressed it, and had worked on being happy and calm. She now realized that this way of coping had also kept her from fully feeling the amazing love she was now feeling, from fully experiencing life! Nothing was good or bad, it just was!

The author had started on an incredible spiritual journey several years ago. Inside her was a burning desire to grow, to expand her mind, to feel more, and sense more. She had taken clairvoyance and angel tarot card reading courses along with anything else which would help her to better understand herself and this world.

Every day, new insights flooded her mind, new understanding blossomed, and compassion for the world around her grew. The last time she had laid her cards, they had predicted a new romance within the next few weeks, one that would bring her the amazing love she had been longing for and dreaming of. Cara had realized she had been blocking this manifestation by her unwillingness to let go. Having finally done so, she was excited and looking forward to meeting this new man.

She had been feeling a male presence around her for years now, it had lifted her spirits, made her heart sing. At times, the sensation of his company was really intense. When she had needed him, she had felt him around her at night, warming her. He had been there to comfort her when she had a fight with her lover and had lessened the almost unbearable pain of the disconnect from the person she had loved so deeply. He had helped her deal with the searing grief of the loss of her boyfriend. She had felt a similar presence before she had met her ex and she had also seen him in her visions.

Cara believed in fate and that everything happened for a reason. She was sure that she was being guided towards an incredible love. This spirit presence felt so real that she believed it to be the essence of the promised lover. There was much she already knew about him and she was truly looking forward to meeting him, to finally feel his loving arms around her. All she had to do was believe, trust, and be patient and she was getting better at that.

This day, the book had once again captured her and she had worked until late. It was almost 2 AM, time for bed. She loved writing, and even now new twists to the story appeared in her mind, ready to be told. She decided that she would sleep a few hours and then get back to work. When she called on her spirit companion, she almost instantly felt his warmth. Slowly, her mind and body relaxed. She started her prayer for the protection of all those she loved and gave thanks for all the blessings in her life. Sleep took her unawares, and silence filled the dark house. It was not long before she began to dream.


Cara found herself in an unfamiliar place. Part of her was aware that she was dreaming, but she felt wide awake. Where was she? And why did this seem so very different from other dreams? She always dreamt in color and very vividly, like she was right there, but this felt even more real. Cara glanced around quickly and realized that she was about to enter a restaurant. She had no idea why she was here. As she looked at the open doors in front of her, a man exited the establishment.

His head had been down, and he had been fiddling with his valet but the moment he looked up and saw her, he came to a dead stop. A stunned look crossed his face. “You!” he exclaimed. “I have seen you before! I know you!” He regarded me thoughtfully as he stepped closer. Suddenly, his face lit up. “You are the woman from my dreams! That’s where I have seen you!” Cara could only stare at him. He was tall and slender with smile lines at the corners of his eyes. He was just as she had imagined him and had seen in her dreams!

Their eyes met, and Cara’s heart skipped a beat just to resume its patter at a rapid rate. Self-consciously, she clasped her now shaking hands. She was too stunned to speak and could not bring herself to break contact with his searching gaze. It felt like he was reaching deep into her very soul looking for what she did not know. There was a magnetism between them, a sense of belonging, and of longing to be close. There had been only one man in her life she had ever felt something close to this with and that was now in the past.

The power of attraction Cara felt at this moment was beyond anything she had experienced in her dreams or had been able to imagine. The world around them had ceased to exist. As if drawn by a magnet, they both took a step closer. She could not believe what she was seeing, sensing, feeling. This stranger was gorgeous, filled with light and love. She looked on in amazement. Who was this man? He felt so familiar!

Looking at her for permission, her dream lover slowly reached out a hand and gently stroked the side of her face. Her legs started to feel wobbly and unbelievable wonder filled Cara. His slight caress spread pleasant weakness through her slender frame. The desire to touch, to be close, seemed to overwhelm them both. She closed her eyes as he stepped forward, gently enfolding her in his loving embrace. The overwhelming sensation of being home, of being safe, of finally having reached her destination after all this time, made her head spin. Cara felt like she was falling. The scene faded away. What a wonderful dream!


Cara awoke in a bright, airy room. She was on a low bed with light sea-blue sheets. It felt like some tropical place. The name Bora Bora popped in her head. What was she doing here? It was morning, and the sun was flooding into the room. She was facing the sliding glass doors and saw sand and the blue of the tropical ocean. It was warm here, but still, mornings could be cool. The ceiling fan blew fragrant air over the bed. Her thoughts turned to him. Where had he gone, that wonderful man? She would have loved to stay in his arms, to feel that incredible sensation of peace and homecoming!

For a moment the sense of loss was almost too much and tears spilled down her face. But wait, there were arms around her, holding her close. She could feel a warm body against her bare back. Who was holding her so tightly and protectively? From what she could see of the limbs, they definitely belonged to a man. She had been awakened by the gentle pulling of the sea-green blanket over her uncovered shoulders. Who was this person who was holding her so lovingly?

Turning around in his arms, Cara came face to face with HIM!  He was here! Her pulse sped up and pure joy filled her heart. A feeling of such love, such longing it took her breath away flashed through her. She reached for him, touched him, grasped his arms. He was real! Relief flooded through her. She never wanted to lose him again! His handsome face was inches from hers and he was watching her with those amazing, smiling eyes. He must have awoken before her and, sensing that she was cold, had covered her. Cara was so happy to see him again. A blissful smile lit up her face, and before she could think of anything else, she seemed to drown in his eyes. The world once again started to whirl.


The sensation of falling had finally stopped. This time, there was no sense of loss. Instead, from somewhere deep inside Cara came the knowledge that they had been a couple for a while now. Memories flooded her mind. She recognized the bright, cheerful room as the bedroom they shared. She was curious now and aware that something special was happening to her. Cara decided she would trust in the Divine and go with the flow, see where all this would take her. So far she loved what she had seen. Having been hurt and alone for a time before she had met him, an intense sense of longing to be sheltered and warm in his arms filled her heart. It was so incredible to finally be so deeply loved!

It was Valentine’s Day and they had made plans to go out. Cara could feel a sense of excitement bubbling up inside her. She had brushed her hair until it shone, had applied make-up and lipstick and was wearing a beautiful dress. She had even bought new shoes. She knew that they were almost always together, but still, date nights were special. They each took great care to look their best for the other. With a sense of wonder, she realized how much she cherished these nights; they kept their love vibrant and new. She and her love always had a wonderful time. With a peaceful, contented sigh, she gave herself over to this blissful dream.

Cara recalled that her boyfriend had been very mysterious at breakfast. He was such a delightful partner and took great pleasure in surprising her. For her, these gestures of pure love, no matter how small, never grew old. She adored him for them. Sometimes he brought her a flower from the garden, a treat from the kitchen, a cup of coffee or tea. At other times, he would present her with a small gift he had picked up somewhere. What was he up to today? She laughed with happy anticipation. Knowing him, she would find out soon enough!

The sound of his footsteps in the hallway filled her with love and excitement. Her heart started beating faster and warmth flooded her body. As soon as he entered the room, she rushed over and wrapped her arms around him. Until that moment she had not even realized how much she had missed him, how much she had longed to be near him. Looking up, she smiled at him with pure happiness shining in her blue-green eyes. Her entire face was lit up with the love she felt for him and the joy of his presence.

He was amazing, kind, loving, respectful and he treated her like his most cherished treasure. He looked so handsome, and she felt like the luckiest woman alive. How very much she loved this man! Just thinking of him when they were apart made her heart melt and filled her with happiness and warmth. She was always his equal, around him she could be anything she wanted to be at the moment, he was good with it all. He valued the princess in her just as much as her being his comrade in arms. At times, she still could barely believe her new life.

Pulling back a little, she noticed that he was hiding one hand. Her curiosity was instantly stirred. What was he delighting her with this time? Life with him was such fun! Stepping into the role of her knight in shining armor, he disengaged himself from her embrace and stepped back a step. With a gallant bow, he presented Cara with one single pink rose. She was speechless. Roses were her favorite flowers, but she especially loved these pink and white ones. How had he found one of these special blooms? A heavenly fragrance filled the room, and just for a moment, she closed her eyes to smell the beautiful flower’s perfume. Against her will, the wonderful scent caused her to start falling once more.


When her head stopped spinning, Cara realized that she was dancing with her eyes closed! To her, this progression in dreams or visions or whatever they were started to feel like she was joining her own self somewhere in time. As she and her future truly became one, knowledge of her life came flooding in. Opening her eyes, she looked up into his smiling face. She could not help but think how gorgeous he was! And the way he was looking at her, so full of love! It was so wonderful to have this mutual admiration and adoration. It just felt like pure bliss. With a heart overflowing with emotions she smiled back at him. It took her a moment before she could tear her eyes away from his beloved face to study her magnificent surroundings. She loved being with him so much that everything else was just less important.

Their surroundings were stunning! They were in a spectacular ballroom with a glass dome above them and columns on the sides decorated with vines and flowers. Oval chambers adjoined the circular hall in all four directions. The place was tastefully decorated and skillfully lit. On the circular dancefloor beneath that shining glass roof, other couples were swirling to a lively waltz. The dancers formed one large circle with others inside. Cara loved the ladies’ long dresses and the men’s tailored elegant suits. This was so beautiful, and she felt so blessed to be here with him! He had been watching her delight in this fabulous place and, when she returned her gaze to his face, her heart overflowed from the look of love and adoration in his eyes. As he pulled her closer, she once again shut her eyes. She just wanted to remain in this moment, right here in his arms, to burn the memory into her mind for forever.


The sound of waves drowned out the music. Cara was startled as she opened her eyes. It took her a minute, but then she managed to join the self that was here at this moment. Her first thought was of him, and her face lit up when she caught sight of him. There he was, close beside her, and he was laughing as he planted a kiss on her salt-covered nose. They were on their sailboat, out on the ocean, on their way to Alaska. It seemed that she had dropped off to sleep! The look she gave him was just a bit sheepish, never before had she fallen asleep at the wheel!

They had been out here for a few days now, just her and him. Since they preferred sailing by themselves, they had all the instruments needed to make sure they were safe. They could keep moving, and both take a nap if they did not find a sheltered place to anchor. To keep a person on watch at all times had been their personal choice. It looked like she had been more tired than she had thought. He was so wonderful, as always, not angry at all. Pulling her up, he hugged her close for a moment telling her that maybe later she should get some more sleep. Now it was time to reset the sails. One alone could do this, but they preferred to work as a team.

This boat was their baby, and he had taught her everything about it with patience and love. They shared all the duties and had spent long hours getting their vessel ready for this adventure. Cara had gotten to know her, inside and out. Even the dogs and guinea pigs loved going on trips with them. This time, however, their pets had remained behind. They were all getting older and such a long voyage was just a bit much for them. Besides, the housekeeper spoiled them rotten and they would be well cared for in the meantime.

Her fiancé now took the wheel and pulled her beside him. Together they watched the restless sea. She loved being out here with him and the deep peace being on the water always brought her. The sound of the waves, the warmth of his shoulder, the sun shining down, what a beautiful day! With his arm around her, she felt safe and protected. She smiled up at him happily. The gaze of his eyes drew her like a magnet, and he gently began to kiss her. As their kiss deepened, Cara’s eyelids just seemed to fall closed.


She opened her eyes and stretched like a cat. Each time now it was easier to slide into the new scene. Cara realized that the tone of his voice had lulled her to sleep. She was comfortably stretched out on the sofa, in their beautiful home. The house had a wonderful view of the mountains. Her love was pacing up and down in front of the fire, reading out loud. This was something he very much loved to do. Sensing her watching, he stopped his pacing. Marking his place, he looked up from the paper. As their eyes met, she felt her breath catch and a feeling of awe. Life with him was so beyond her wildest dreams!

Until she had met him, she had only experienced the tenderness and pleasure of such an intense love in her dreams. She remembered the first times he had kissed her. He had done so with such reverence and tenderness that he had left her floating on cloud nine. Her knees had felt weak and the feelings surging through her had been so intense they had taken her breath away. Another time, before leaving her house, he had kissed her passionately. Then, still looking at her, he had taken a couple of steps away from her. He had still been holding her hand. An expression of pure longing had crossed his features and he had rushed back, had tenderly cupped her face in his hands once more. He had looked deeply into her eyes, then kissed her again. When he had finally stepped away, she had to hold onto her car! Her knees had felt that weak and her body had been on fire!

Cara had stood there, filled with a sense of gratefulness and wonder, long after he had driven away. She had felt like she was living one of those dreams which used to fill her with such longing. To know what love could feel like, to live it, experience it in her dreams and then wake up to a reality that had been, at times, far removed from that, had been heartbreaking. But, it had also given her hope and a sense of what she was looking for. Her dreams and the intense emotions she experienced in them had become the kernels of the stories in her books.

The seeds for their love had been planted that very first day. They had built their relationship on a foundation of best friend chemistry, mutual respect, admiration, and appreciation; and incredible sexual chemistry. Cara’s intentions to wait to become intimate until she was absolutely certain that they were truly compatible had barely lasted three weeks. The attraction between them had been so intense that they had both had a hard time keeping their hands off each other. To their surprise, this draw had actually increased once their union had been consummated and they had become one.

Now Cara, as always, felt that irresistible pull to be near him, to touch him, to hold him, to drown in his gaze, to be wrapped into his arms. The love she felt for this gorgeous man welled up inside her and made her heart and soul sing. She felt incredibly blessed and grateful beyond measure.

She loved his eyes, his voice, his mannerisms, his intelligence and quick thinking, his compassion, and just about everything about him. To her he was amazing, without compare, she loved his good points but also his quirks. It had been easy and had felt so natural to integrate their lives. They liked spending time with friends but preferred by far to be alone with each other.

Her fiancé had been watching her. Now, he came towards her, almost like a moth drawn to the flame, and sat down beside her. At his approach, the heat in her body had risen, the want, the need, was right there as always. It felt like fire running through her veins. No one had ever affected her this way. Looking into his eyes, she gave him that special smile reserved just for him. He instantly understood what was on her mind. He knew that grin, it was their own secret signal that she wanted him. He laughed, and she raised her eyebrows at him. Putting down the papers, he slid alongside her. She could feel the effect she was having on him. The bedroom could wait, and in pure ecstasy once again her eyes begun to close.


Where was she this time? The fog around her seemed to clear more slowly than before. When she could see, she realized that her eyes were filled with happy tears. Cara took in the place around her through a shimmering curtain. This location was familiar and pleasantly warm. She was on top of a hill overlooking low hills and then flat land all the way to the sea. And, she was not alone. There seemed to be quite a crowd here with her but there was one person she was looking for. He was her world, everything she had ever longed and dreamed of. Her love for him was so powerful it often took her breath away and she gave thanks every day to be sharing his life.

When her eyes fell on him, her face lit up like the sun. He was standing there, patiently holding out his hand. She could feel her heart soar just at the sight of him. All of her was being flooded with a feeling of incredible love and happiness. Her fiancé was dressed completely in white and looked drop-dead gorgeous. He was standing next to a deep blue convertible with cans attached to its rear. To her, as always, he was the most handsome man she had ever seen, the love of her life and of her dreams. He was her soul mate, her twin flame, her everything.

As she stepped towards him, she caught a glimpse of herself in the side of the car. She was dressed in a gorgeous white gown! Cara suddenly realized that this was their wedding day! She looked beautiful in this magnificent creation with her hair arranged to compliment her slender face. Her family was there, smiling at her, and a feeling of pure bliss came over her as she looked at her new husband. She looked like a princess, and he was her prince! Cara beamed up at him as he gingerly tucked her into her seat, then kissed her before shutting the door. Her heart overflowed with love. As the car pulled away, the couple happily waved at their family and friends. What a perfect day! Gazing at the road, her eyes, once again, began to close.


She would have liked to stay and enjoy that wonderful day, but once again time had shifted, and they were somewhere new. All the scenes changed, but she was so grateful that he was always there, always so loving, always so strong, so solid, so steady. He truly was her rock, her shelter, and this had given her creative energy wings. She had been publishing book after book and could barely keep up with the stories wanting to be told. Now, they were standing in front of a storefront window, hand in hand. The display belonged to a quaint little bookstore on a quiet, oddly shaped street corner with a serene park on the opposite side of the road. The two shelves in the window were decorated artfully with satin cloth and beautiful silk flowers to accent the books. She smiled with delight as she realized that the ones in the lower section were some of hers! Several of his works were displayed on the shelf above. They had both done well for themselves!

He husband smiled at her lovingly. There were great pride and admiration in his gaze for she had done it! Her books were now amazing bestsellers! Cara was nervous, as always, before any signing and he had brought her here early to familiarize her with the place and show her the display. How lucky she was to have this thoughtful man by her side, so kind, so supportive, so considerate at all times!

Cara smiled at him gratefully, and he pulled her close. Gently cupping her face, he whispered, “Cara Mia, I love you. You are the light of my life. You are beautiful, amazing, and I am the luckiest man alive! You got this! They are just fans and they love and adore you, just like I do.” Then he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her until she forgot all about the upcoming event.

Keeping his strong arm around her shoulders, he led her back to the car. Her husband’s loving presence, his unwavering support, his willing assistance, and his competent help in dealing with life’s little nuisances had allowed her to follow her bliss and concentrate on writing and publishing. As a team, they were a huge success.

When they returned later that day, the couple had to use the back door. Cara was amazed at the length of the line of people waiting for them. The queue led all the way out of the front door and down the block. Two tables had been set up on opposite sides of the store, one for her, one for him. They could look across and smile at each other in-between dealing with fans. Their association had been good for both of them and allowed them a very comfortable lifestyle with plenty left over to help those less fortunate than them. Together, they had worked towards a common goal and they had succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.


The next scene she entered came as a surprise. Before she had always closed her eyes or drowned in his gaze. Cara knew all of a sudden that it was a couple of years later and where they were going. The realization made her tummy flutter. She was so excited! She and her husband were in a stretch limousine and they had just pulled up to a gala event. The chauffeur got out and opened the door. Her husband exited first and reached in to help her disembark.

Cara was a little nervous, but no one would ever be able to tell except the man who knew her best. In public, she always came across as self-assured and confident. The event they were attending was the premiere of her latest movie, and she was so glad he was here to share this latest triumph with her. The previews had been incredible, people had absolutely loved this film! There were so many fans waiting beside that red rug, so many admirers!

As her husband was leading her forward, he gently squeezed her hand. She looked up at him and smiled. She was so happy! As they proceeded into the theatre, Cara waved at her adoring fans. She felt like she was walking in a dream. She had truly made it; she had an even more amazing life than she had wished for. She had the love of her life holding her hand, fans that adored her, her books were bestsellers, her movies were a huge success, and the games, based on her stories, people truly enjoyed and loved to play.

She was happy and grateful to the Divine and this wonderful man by her side. He had been there to guide her, to support her, and he was her biggest admirer. He had believed in Cara right from the start and had helped with the marketing of the books. Once he got involved, sales took off like wildfire. It had been an incredible journey. The other publications had paved the way for her epic fantasy series which was often likened to Tolkien’s ‘Lords of the Rings.’

She was so grateful to be sharing this life full of laughter, love, success, adventures, and travel with him. Their happy and lasting union had enabled her writing like nothing else and had allowed her fantasy to truly take flight. She was healthier and happier than ever before and felt so blessed. Life had turned out to be even more amazing than she had ever thought possible!

By the time they had met, they had both been ready to do whatever it took to make a relationship with the right partner work. This had allowed them to love with an intensity that neither had known. A deep understanding of the self and honest talks had helped them weather the storms. Their love for each other had grown, and they had drawn ever closer together the more time went by. They had learned how to keep the magic alive, and she knew that they would do so for the rest of their lives and maybe even beyond. Her husband was the one man with whom she could imagine forever.

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