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The Mystic Highlands

Below is the first book in the Mystic Highlands Sagas Series, Mystic Highlands Love Story, which is available on Amazon now!  Book 2 is being edited at the moment and will be published late in 2019!  Enjoy this excerpt from this entertaining tale!


Here is a short excerpt from this engaging book:




High up in the Frankonian Mountains, in a dilapidated castle surrounded by dense, cloying fog, Ki’ara was huddling under the covers to stay warm.  She was happy to be traveling home in a couple of days.  Her apprenticeship was over, much to the disgust of the wizard she had been sent to study with.  Argulf had nothing left to teach her she wanted to learn.  She was tired of being his meal ticket as well as having to clean up after him.

Argulf had not been prepared for her rapid and sudden assimilation of his knowledge.  He had tried hard to deny her the diploma she had more than earned.  The wizard had come up with all kinds of enchantments and tasks for Ki’ara to perform, most of which he had never taught her.  To the incredulous man’s complete surprise, his up to then mediocre student had passed every test he had set before her with flying colors.  In the end, the infuriated sorcerer had stormed off in a huff.

Now that she was leaving, the young lady was anxious as well as excited.  Disjointed thoughts continued to race through her troubled mind.  What would it be like for her this time?  What kind of a reception would she get from her siblings?  Would she be able to find a way to see Conall without losing her family?  So many questions and no real answers!  Only time would tell.

It took a while but, finally, she relaxed enough to slip into sleep.  Not long after, Ki’ara started to dream.  She was back in the Highlands, at Seamuir Castle, the seat of the MacClair Clan, her beloved home.  She was in her bright and airy bedroom with her maid Liana assisting her in getting ready for a wedding in nearby Deansport.  The young lady was genuinely looking forward to the event.

Any celebration in the Highlands was always a lively affair.  Due to the convenience of each realms magical gate, folk could come from all over to attend the festivities.  It usually turned out to be great fun.  Ki’ara had missed these get-togethers.  She had been off studying for a while and was thrilled that she would get to see many of her friends as well as her favorite uncle.


For this special occasion, Ki’ara had taken great care with her dress, jewelry, and hair.  With the help of Leana, the girl’s unruly mane had been braided and twisted into a real work of art.  She looked beautiful in the floor-length, midnight blue gown.  Diamonds sparkled at her ears and throat and she was wearing her favorite ring, a gift from Conall, the man whom she had loved for as long as she could remember.

Adding a touch of color to her cheeks and lips, Ki’ara regarded herself in the mirror.  She could not think of anything to add to improve her appearance and neither could her resourceful maid.  Just then, the clock struck the hour.  It was finally time to go!  Giving her tresses one last pat, the young lady headed out the door, danced along the corridor, and then gracefully waltzed down the broad stairs.

It was wonderful being back where she belonged, especially on such a bright and joyful day!  Ki’ara could feel the warm sunshine on her upraised face as she stepped out the entry.  She paused on the landing and closed her eyes for a moment.  A deep sense of contentment and happiness filled her entire being as she took in her surroundings.  She could not help but smile.  How wonderful it was to be home!

Ki’ara was jolted out of the peaceful tranquility she had been feeling when abruptly everything around her changed.  The warmth of the sun she had been enjoying a few seconds ago was rapidly bleeding away.  Her environs turned dark and the air suddenly felt charged with danger.  To make matters worse, her brother’s face appeared out of the black clouds looming above.  It hovered menacingly above her where blue sky had been but a minute ago.

The girl cringed at the sight of this angry visage.  Fear rose up within her when she saw the cruel set of Ragnald’s mouth and the unbridled malice in his eyes.  She did not miss the pure hatred in his piercing gaze.  His hand appeared out of the mist and he began to laugh, ugly and mean, as he aimed a large ball of fire straight at her heart.

Being a competent sorceress, Ki’ara immediately drew on her powers to create a shield.  Her defenses snapped around her in an instant like a cocoon.  Not a moment too soon!  Flames started to rain down, burning everything they touched, rapidly creating a hazard for anyone near ...


The Mystic Highlands are a magical place where elves, humans, and some of the other races coexist peacefully.  Meet Ki'ara and the world she loves and misses so much whenever she is far from home.  Travel to Seamuir Castle and meet Ragnald, her brother and guardian.  One of his first acts after her parents' departure had been to break his sister's engagement to Conall StCloud, the love of her life.  Will Ki'ara have to abandon her clan in order to live her life in peace and safety?  Will she ever be reunited with the man she loves again?  

All these questions and more will be answered in the first part of the Mystic Highland Sagas which is available as both paperback and Kindle version on Amazon now!

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