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Here you will find information on all of the ‘Eleven Kingdoms’ but some places and characters do not appear in 'Arianna - A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms.'  

This appendix will be expanded further in the future.






The ‘Eleven Kingdoms’ are an alliance of eleven of the local monarchies.  It started with the marriage of Prince Roderic of Maridanmar to Princess Anna of Re’adeen.  Working together and helping each other made the realms a force to be reckoned with.  Outside attacks quickly dwindled to the occasional hostile excursion.

Life in the Kingdoms was peaceful for many years until King Vargos ascended the throne of Lothrien after the ‘accidental’ death of his father.  He quickly established himself as the de facto overlord.  These unfortunate events took place almost seven years before our story begins.

For a while, life in the other monarchies went on as before.  Vargos lost interest once he had established his dominance.  It was a blessing for the rest of the realms that the tyrant was more concerned with his castle’s servant maids and the pursuits of various pleasures than with the governing of the kingdoms.  More and more the actual ruling of Lothrien fell to Odessa, the housekeeper of Darkmoor and mistress to the king.


When the self-appointed overlord decided to marry, the trouble really started.  None of the other rulers wanted to hand their daughters over to this depraved man.  King George of Daladion, father to Princess Sara, flat out refused Vargos’s demand for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

The tyrant, however, was ruthless once he set his mind on something or someone.  To make the princess his wife, the cruel despot ended up destroying her kingdom and killing her family.

This vicious deed inspired enough fear in the region to firm up his rule.  None dared to cross him after this blatant show of strength.  The unhappy queen soon died a terrible death as did the two unfortunate princesses the tyrant married after her.


King Vargos was very sure of himself and always thought himself in full control.  He was aware that Odessa was a practitioner of the Dark Arts and had her use her powers on his behalf many times over the years.  The king was too blind to see that his evil mistress would do anything to become his wife.  He never realized that the powerful sorceress had her black heart set on creating an empire.  To achieve this, she needed to become queen.  It is doubtful that the deluded ruler would have survived their wedding night.


Our tale starts when the overlord sets his sights on Arianna, Princess of Maridanmar.  What he did not count on was that King Roderic would dare to cleverly defy him and that his intended bride was not what she seemed.





Landover Castle:  A simple, keep consisting of one large building with an attached tower.  The castle is surrounded by the town of Dover.


The Royal Family


King Ralfus:  The energetic ruler of Andalea.  He is a very artistic person and would have rather been a painter than king.

Queen Anita:  The talented queen of the realm.  She is very interested in architecture and has been instrumental in reinforcing and beautifying the town and castle.





This mountainous realm is located west of Re’adeen.


Harlstone Keep:  A heavily fortified mountain fortress.


The Royal Family


King Ketas:  A fair but at times quarrelsome king.  He is known for quickly taking offense but also for settling down just as fast.  He has a kind heart and good mind.

Queen Christina:  A true lady with a beautiful spirit.

Princess Micha:  Their only child.  The young princess has inherited her father’s hot-headed disposition but also his warm heart.




The monarchy is located south of Wymara.


Sevenberg Keep:  The home of the royal family of Daladion.  The keep was completely destroyed by King Vargos’s army.


The Royal Family


King Georg:  The King of Daladion.  He refused to marry his beloved daughter Sara to King Vargos.  The once thriving kingdom south of Wymara was overrun by Lothrien’s army in record time and before they could even mount their defenses.  Thousands died, and the castle and every town in the monarchy were destroyed, the realm laid to waste.  King Georg was publicly executed and his body treated with the utmost disrespect.

Princess Sara:  The first unlucky princess to become wife to King Vargos.  She died 13 months after their marriage took place.




Draydon is a kingdom consisting of wide open plains in the east and old forests in the west.  It is located west of Noridea.


Draeden Castle:  A rather whimsical building reflecting the personalities of its builders.


The Royal Family


King Wern:  The very technically preoccupied king of the Draydon.  He leaves the running of the monarchy to his wife, Ilsa.

Queen Ilsa:  The queen is in charge of the realm.  She runs it very effectively and tries very hard to always have the good of all in mind when making decisions.





Eagle’s Nest Aerie:  The hidden refuge of the Eagles up in the high mountains of Re’adeen.  The place is well-guarded and has only one way in and out for regular people and horses.


The Eagles:  This is what the shapeshifters call themselves.  It started when full humans began to reject and hunt them and in a way was a rejection of the human part of themselves.  The Eagles wed for life and have one life-mate.  The bond between the pair often comes into existence at birth.


The Royal Family


King Le’onard:  The peace-loving king of the Eagles and Kyrill’s father.

Queen Eliza:  The Queen of the Eagles and Kyrill’s mother.

Prince Berin:  The oldest son and heir to the throne.  A studious and very serious young man.

Prince Kyrill:  The middle son of King Le’onard.  A handsome young shapeshifter with warm brown eyes and the sharp aquiline profile characteristic among his people.  His dark brown hair nearly touches his shoulders.  He wears it parted on one side, and it often falls across one of his eyes giving him the look of a dashing adventurer.  He meets Arianna in her dreams on her 9th birthday, and they often visited after that.  His people set up a hut away from the Aerie for the princess’s spirit to travel to.

Prince Zander:  The mercurial youngest prince who likes to explore new areas and try new things.


Other Important Persons

Cassandra:  The seeress and wise woman of Eagle’s Nest Aerie.  She is their most powerful sorceress.

Halen:  The young Eagle warrior who finds and rescues the princess.  He comes up with a plan to stop Nor’dur from following Arianna.





This realm is located south of Andalea.


Iredale Fortress:  A beautiful castle surrounded by the town of Dale.


The Royal Family


Queen Irella:  The ruler of Iridor.  The monarchy is passed down from mother to daughter instead of father to son.

King Jan:  The queen’s consort.

Prince Da’vid:  The couple’s oldest son.

Princess Marie:  The oldest daughter and heir to the throne.

Princess Aleah:  A lively young princess who is fascinated with dragons and drakes.  





Claradee Castle:  A good sized abode consisting of a main building flanked by two towers.


The Royal Family


King Richard:  A fair and just king and a good friend to King Roderic of Maridanmar.  He was fostering Arianna’s brother, Prince Dylan.

Queen Tara:  Larandar’s spritied queen and a Princess of Andalea.

Prince Albert:  The only son of the king and queen.  A very quiet young man.  He and Dylan are usually inseparable.

Princess Clara:  A sweet young princess and friend of Arianna’s.

Princess Anika:  The youngest of the royal children.  She is as spirited as her mother and can be a bit of a handful.





Darkmoor Castle:  The dark and brooding home of the King of Lothrien.  The fortress is located close to the Darkmoor, an extensive peat bog and a convenient repository of disaffected citizens.


The Royal Family


King Vargos:  The vicious and cruel ruler of Lothrien.  Rumors have it that he killed his own father to gain possession of the throne.  He has made himself the de facto ruler of the ‘Eleven Kingdoms’ and has a standing army strong enough that none dare to oppose him.

King Randolf:  The previous King of Lothrien and father to King Vargos.  He was an honest and peace-loving ruler who was beloved by his people and highly respected by the other rulers.  The monarch died under very mysterious circumstances in an unexplained accident.  Many suspect that the son grew tired of waiting for the throne and took things into his own hands.


Other Important Persons


Aaron:  The young soldier was promoted to lieutenant and put in charge of the camp after the attack by the bandits.

Captain Angus Tremaine:  The captain of the column sent from Darkmoor Castle to fetch the princess. The man had red hair and a friendly, open face.  Odessa used threats against his family to keep him compliant.

General Darius:  The head of the army of Lothrien.  The man is completely under Odessa’s control.  The general does whatever the witch commands him.

Esme:  Sebastian’s sullen wife.  He first encountered her in Wymara in his capacity as an emissary.  When the envoy met her, she was dainty and beautiful.  The man fell so in love with Esme, he never saw how spoiled and bad-tempered she actually was.

Flanders:  Sebastian’s huntsman.  The retainer also served as his lord’s groom as well as his spy.

Gilbert:  Sebastian’s valet.  The competent man also acted as his master’s secretary, confidant, and advisor.

Gordro:  The captain of the replenishment column which is sent out to assist the princess’s escorts.

Odessa:  The housekeeper of Darkmor.  She is a sorceress with great powers and practices the Dark Arts.  The witch is beautiful and slender and has waist-long raven black hair and pitch black eyes.

Ora and Valentine:  Sebastian’s spoiled daughters who have unfortunately inherited some of the nasty personality traits of their parents.

Roland:  The Lieutenant to Captain Gordro.  He is half elf, half human and usually keeps to himself since half-breeds are even less accepted in Lothrien than full elves.

Sebastian:  The envoy, a little toad-like man who was supposed to be responsible for the welfare of the princess.  He is a pompous and rather short fellow.  His facial features and build give him a distinct resemblance of a toad.

Teresa:  The evil Odessa’s second in command.  She is almost as malicious as her mistress.

Squire Tom Buchanan:  The owner of the chalet and grounds Flanders decides to ‘acquire.'

Tristan:  The Elven scout and hunter of humans.  He works for King Vargos.  Whoever he is sent after, he mercilessly hunts down and returns to his cruel king.





Castle Maridar:  A fortified castle and home to King Roderic and his family.  It is a welcoming dwelling, bright and inviting, and filled with cheerful and pleasant people.  The fortress is surrounded by the town of Maridee.  Fertile fields and lush woods border the place on three sides and the Salten Sea on the fourth.


The Royal Family


King Roderic:  A gentle and kind father and king.  He had the wisdom to ensure his realm remained defensible even in peacetime.  He is a handsome man with startling, light blue eyes and light brown hair.   King Roderic is a fair man who usually extrudes a calm and quiet air of authority.

Queen Anna:  The late wife of King Roderic and mother to Arianna, Dylan, Dionna, Mareena, and Genna.  She was a beautiful woman, tall and slender, with waist long reddish blond hair and mischievous bright green eyes.  Queen Anna died in a horseback accident shortly after King Vargos takes the throne.  She was a Princess of Re’adeen before her marriage.

Arianna:  The oldest Princess of Maridanmar and daughter of King Roderic and Queen Anna.  She is 17 years old when this adventure begins and an independent young beauty with honey-gold hair and sea-green eyes.  Her name means ‘Silver Goddess’ ‘Star” or ‘Pure of Heart.'  Her parents had chosen this particular spelling due to it incorporating her mother’s name.  She was 11 when her mother died.

Dylan:  The Prince of Maridanmar and second oldest child of King Roderic and Queen Anna.  His name means ‘Son of the Sea.'  He is just 10 months younger than his sister and is being fostered by King Richard of Larandar when our tale begins.

Dionna:  The third child of King Roderic and his Queen.  Her name means ‘From the Sacred Spring.'  She is given a pendant with a beautiful green stone reflecting her sparkling green eyes by Arianna.

Mareena:  The fourth child of the King and Queen.  Her name means ‘From the Sea.'  Mareena received an arm ring from her oldest sibling.  The ornament is worn on the upper arm, well out of sight, and set with the girl’s favorite stone, a light blue aquamarine.

Genna:  The youngest of the princesses.  She had just turned seven at the time of the tragic accident of Queen Anna.  Her name means ‘White Wave.'  To Genna, Arianna gives a pendant with her birthstone, a sky blue sapphire.


Other Important Persons

Anders:  He is the weapons teacher, hunter, and ‘Jack of all Trades’ at Castle Maridar.  He is also in charge of the armory.  He is a patient but persistent teacher to Arianna.  He trained her to survive on her own out in the woods as well as a host of other things Anders felt she might possibly need some day.  Usually, only princes are privileged to such teachings.

Baladazar:  The court wizard who has been training Arianna since she was small.  He gives the princess a completely tasteless sleeping powder, leggings, and a powerful ring before she leaves the castle.

Captain Caleb:  The second in command at the castle.

Greta:  The princess’s long-time friend and maid.  The young woman is given a pendant by Arianna inset with an amethyst.  The princess felt that the purple color would look lovely with the young maid’s blond hair and violet eyes.  Greta gives a packet of Witchbane to the princess before she departs the castle.

Captain Gunther:  The captain of the guards of Castle Maridar.  He stashes some of the princess’s brother’s clothes, a knife, and a bow for her a little ways over the border.

Ruth:  The loyal nanny was called in to help with Arianna.  She is well versed in magic and in dealing with talented children.  Ruth is a patient and kind person.  She took care of Queen Anna from birth on.  The nanny manages to hide or explain away most of the infant princess’s accidental magic.





Norideen Castle:  A small but lovely castle on the plains of Noridea.


The Royal Family


King Wolfle:  The patient and very industrious ruler of Noridea.  Under his reign, the kingdom has prospered.

Queen Isabelle:  Larandar’s beautiful Queen and a Princess of Iridor.

Princess Valentina:  The only child of the king and queen.  A very intelligent but somewhat indulged child.  Valentina loves all things fey and is fascinated by the small drakes which like to roost in the eaves of the castle.  She is a little like Arianna and enjoys exploring.





Hidden Castle:  A secluded mountain fortress which serves as a refuge for the royal family.  Few know of its location, and any who serve there do so for extra pay and for life.  Giving away the location to anyone is considered high treason and only the most trusted of soldiers ever get to see the keep.

Kendall Castle:  The royal fortress of the Kings of Re’adeen.  The castle is well designed and stays warm even in the coldest of winters.


The Royal Family

Queen Margaret:  The lady is the ruling Queen of Re’adeen and daughter of King Rudemont and Queen Irena.  She is the sister of Queen Anna of Maridanmar and aunt to Arianna and her siblings.  Margret and her husband took over ruling the kingdom when her father decided to retire.  She lost both her husband and young son in a terrible accident making her the sole ruler.  The lady never wed again.

          After the death of her sister, Margaret left her trusted steward and parents in charge of the kingdom and took over the raising of the children.  She is given a beautiful emerald pendant by Arianna.  The necklace had belonged to the girl’s mother. The Queen is a beautiful woman, tall and slender like her sister, with auburn hair and cornflower blue eyes.

King Rudemont:  The retired ruler of the Kingdom of Re’adeen and father to Margaret and Anna.  After Margaret was married, the king decided to give the running of the realm over to his daughter and her husband.  When Queen Margaret takes over the rearing of Anna’s children, the king along with his wife and steward take charge of the monarchy.

Queen Irena:  The Queen of Re’adeen and mother to Margaret and Anna.

Princess Selda:  The sister of Queen Irena.  She prefers books over marriage and assists Queen Irena with the running of the castle.  She also helped with the raising and tutoring of the young princesses.


Other Important Persons


Olaf:  An old family retainer who lives in Road’s End.  He is in charge of guiding people to the Hidden Castle.





Castle Suzette:  A bright and whimsical fortified castle and home of the royal family of Wymara.


The Royal Family


King Darian:  The King of Wymara and the father of the last bride, Princess Alyssa.

Queen Constanza:  The Queen of Wymara and the mother to Princess Alyssa.  She falls into a deep depression after the death of her daughter.

Princess Alyssa:  The third ill-fated queen to King Vargos.  She died a horrible death within a year of her marriage to the tyrant.





Galata:  The dragon lady Arianna steals a crystal from and tries to send after the bandit leader, Alandor.  The dragon is a very large female and greedy even for its kind.  She already has an immense hoard but is always looking for more.





Ash, River, Roots, and Silver:  The male sprites sent along to protect Blossom and her friends.

Blossom:  Queen Liza’s daughter.  She becomes a companion and friend to Arianna.

Bork, Leaf, and Twig:  The sprite brothers assigned to protect and follow Alandor to his keep.  They become great friends with Galata the Dragon.

Queen Liza:  The Queen of the Sprites.  Princess Arianna enlists the fairy queen’s help for her escape from the bandits.  The queen and her people care for the area the game trail leads through and had been harmed by the brigands in the past.

Petal:  The third female sprite who goes traveling with the princess.

Rosebud:  A usually very reticent fairy and Blossom’s best friend.

Sky:  A male sprite who comes to warn the friends of the hunter following behind them.





An’dar:  The God of Larandar.  He rules together with his wife La’ra and daughter Ri’elle.  An’dar is a God of peace, innocence, beauty, and rebirth.

Brigit:  The Bright Lady.  She is a powerful goddess and Arianna, and her mother both worship her.

Cer’ridwen:  The Goddess of the Dark of the Moon and one of the few friends of the Elder God Nor’dur.  The elf Tristan starts using her name once the evil god possesses him.

La’ra:  The Goddess of the homestead, love, as well as fertility.  She is the wife of An’dar and mother to Ri’elle.

Nor’dur:  The only surviving Elder God, evil and cruel.  He was angered beyond reason by the annihilation of his altar in the grove and the destruction of his enslaved wraiths.  Nor’dur wants Arianna’s power for himself and risks all to gain it.

Ri’elle:  A gentle and sweet Goddess of healing.





Arabella:  The beautiful mare ridden by Princess Arianna.  The horse was assigned to her by Captain Angus when the witch refused to let the princess ride in the carriage.

Azariel:  An unfortunate mare belonging to the bandits.  The horse’s luck turns when the princess becomes her rider.

Finn:  The powerful male bear who agrees to carry Arianna so that she can stay ahead of the elf.

Ursa:  A female bear who shelters and helps Arianna.

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