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I am love and I am pain

I am laughter and I am tears

I am spirit and I am flesh

I am fire and I am earth

I am air and I am water

I am the mountains and I am the sea.


I am the child and I am the mother

I am the loved and I am the lover

I am the seeker and I am being found

I am the guide and I am being led

I am the warrior and I am the maid

I am all and I am nothing

I am finally me.


I used to shrink from the pain,

The darkness inside

How could such a thing exist in my life?

As my journey progressed

New strength and awareness grew bright

And I turned and faced it head on.


I embraced the darkness

I embraced the pain

I was reborn so much stronger

So much more aware

I now saw the world

In a whole new way.


How amazed was I now

Of how much I could feel

From deep searing pain

To incredible love

And still,

I would live!



© Copyright 2015 by GC Sinclaire

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