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Cara’s Dream


(written 2015, edited 2017)



GC Sinclaire



Cara was tired, but it was a good tired, one that came from feeling pleased with a job well done.  She had been working on her book intensely for days, and she was on schedule for its completion by the middle of February.  It would be ready for publication soon after.  Then it was time for a break.

She had actually been working on a series when suddenly new stories had started to pour forth.  Her dreams had been filled with tales demanding to be told.  She was certain that the heartache over the break-up with her love had triggered this flood.

For the most part, their relationship had been happy.  Cara had never laughed as much.  She had loved how their eyes had locked while they were talking and how the outside world had just seemed to fade away as she was lost in his gaze.  Nothing else had mattered, only her and him.

She missed this intimate connection, missed him.  But, there had been a whole other side, not so pleasant.  For her own protection, she had established boundaries that she would not cross.  There was no anger towards him, no resentment.  For much of the time, she had enjoyed sharing his life.  Cara had made one last attempt to patch things up because she had started to feel that they were fools, dug in at opposite ends.

So, she had called him.  He had been prepared to get back together but all on his terms.  The longer they talked, the more Cara remembered why she had left in the first place.  As long as they were not living together, she could accept him the way he was and still love him.  She now understood that just being friends would be better for them both.

That last phone call had made it easier to finally let go.  It was time for Cara to move on.  She had allowed herself to experience the grief for the loss of that precious possibility.  It had helped her heal.  She had been so amazed to discover how much she could feel and that she could survive this deep, searing pain.  Cara had finally comprehended that this also meant that she could give incredible love.

This new realization had filled her with a total sense of awe.  Had she ever been this alive before?  Had she ever been able to feel love this intensely?  She had shied away from pain, from negativity, had suppressed it, and had worked on being happy and calm.  She suddenly understood that this way of coping had also kept her from fully feeling, from wholly experiencing life!

Cara cherished her spiritual journey.  Inside her was a burning desire to grow, to expand her mind, to feel more, and sense more.  Every day, new insights flooded her mind, new understanding blossomed.  She used tools such as angel cards to help her see clearly.  They had been predicting a new romance.

Cara firmly believed that she would find a relationship full of love, respect, and kindness.  She saw herself with someone she could talk to about everything, who had the tools to work out problems, and who would treat her as his equal.  A smiling man with a loving heart, willing to grow.


According to the Law of Attraction, she had been blocking this manifestation by her unwillingness to release the past, by her need to be with someone.  She let go of all that.  When the time was right, he would appear.  They already shared a spiritual connection and for that Cara felt immense gratefulness.  She was now able to completely place her trust in the Divine.


It was yet again 2 AM.  She had worked until late, and it was time for bed.  Cara loved writing and editing.  She decided that she would sleep a few hours and then get back to work.  When she called on her spirit companion, she almost instantly experienced the comfort of his warm presence.  Slowly, her mind and body relaxed.  She started her prayer for the protection of all those she loved and gave thanks for all the blessings in her life.  Sleep took her unawares, and silence filled the dark house.  It was not long before she began to dream.

Cara found herself in an unfamiliar place.  Part of her was aware that she was dreaming, but she felt wide awake.  Where was she?  This was incredibly real.  The young woman always saw things in color in her dreams and experienced them very vividly, but this was even more intense than she was used to.

Looking around, Cara took in her surroundings.  She was in a winter landscape with trees, snow, and a bridge, all lit up by bright sunshine.  She could smell and feel the cold air.  Now, this had not happened in any of her dreams!  As the young woman looked around more closely, she noticed a man in front of her, kneeling down, petting her dog.  He was wearing a black jacket and a blue and grey hat.  Try as she might, she could not see his face.

The little guy was jumping all over this person as if excited to see him.  This alone was odd, her dog usually did not great anyone but family in this fashion.  Petting the exuberant dog one final time, the stranger stood up.  As he rose, their eyes met, and her heart stood still.  Cara could not bring herself to break contact with his searching gaze.  It felt as if he was reaching deep into her very soul looking for what she did not know.  There was a magnetism between them, a sense of belonging, and of longing to be close.  There had been only one man in her life she had ever shared something similar with, but it paled in comparison.

Cara had never experienced the power of attraction she felt at this moment, had never even suspected that it could exist.  As if drawn by a magnet, she stepped closer to this stranger and looked up in his face.  There was so much light here, so much love.  She looked on in wonder.  Who was this man?  He felt so familiar, but she was sure that she had never met him before.

Hesitantly, almost as if against his will, he lifted his hand and gently touched the side of her face.  Unbelievable wonder filled Cara as his slight caress spread pleasant weakness through her slender frame.  The desire to reach out, to be close, seemed to overwhelm them both.  She closed her eyes as he stepped forward, gently enfolding her in his loving embrace.  A sensation of falling made her head spin, and she found herself dropping back into sleep.  What a wonderful dream!


Cara awoke in a bright, airy room.  She was on a low bed with light sea-blue sheets in some tropical place.  It was morning, and the sun was flooding into the room.  She was facing the open french doors and saw sand and the blue of the tropical ocean.  It was warm here during the day, but mornings were cool.  The ceiling fan blew fragrant air over the bed.  Where had he gone, that wonderful man?  Deep longing pierced through her heart.  What would she have given to stay in his arms!

For a moment the sense of loss was almost too much.  But wait, there were arms around her, holding her close, and a warm body against her bare back.  From what she could see of the limbs, they definitely belonged to a man.  She had been awakened by the gentle pulling of the sea-green blanket over her uncovered shoulders.  Who was this person who was holding her so tenderly?

Turning around in his arms, Cara came face to face with HIM!  He was here, just inches from her!  She felt as if her entire world lit up.  She was suddenly wide awake.  He was gazing at her with those gorgeous, warm eyes and she shivered with the sensation that look was causing throughout her body.  How much she wanted to be right next to him!

He must have awoken before her and watched her sleep.  Realizing that she was cold, he had covered her.  Cara was so beyond happy to see him again.  A blissful smile lit up her face.  Before she could say one single word, she found herself drowning in his beautiful eyes.  The world once again started to spin.


The sensation of falling had finally stopped.  This time the feeling of loss was not there.  Instead, from somewhere deep inside Cara came the knowing that they had been a couple for a while now.  Memories flooded her brain.  She recognized the bright, cheerful room as the bedroom they shared, and she was curious now.

Something extraordinary was happening to her.  Cara decided she would trust in the Divine and go with the flow, see where it would take her.  So far she loved what she had seen but where was he?  She experienced an intense longing to be sheltered and warm in his arms.

It seemed it was Valentine’s Day and they had made plans to go out.  Cara could feel excitement bubbling up inside her.  She had brushed her long hair until it shone, had applied make-up and lipstick and was wearing her prettiest dress.  She had even bought new shoes.  The young woman knew that they were almost always together, but date nights were special, and each took great care to look their best for the other.  With a sense of wonder she realized how much she enjoyed these outings, they kept their love vibrant and alive.  They always had a wonderful time.  With a peaceful sigh, she gave herself over to the bliss of the dream.

Cara recalled that he had been very mysterious today.  What was he up to?  She laughed with delight.  Knowing him, she would find out soon enough!  The young woman smiled at him as he entered the room, her face lighting up.  She loved the way he treated her, at times as his princess, at others as his comrade in arms.  He was even teaching her how to use the sword she had bought.  He looked so handsome, and her heart just melted.  How very much she loved this man!

Suddenly she noticed that he was holding one hand behind his back.  Stopping in front of her and, with a slight bow, he presented Cara with one single pink rose.  She was speechless.  Roses and lily of the valley were her favorite flowers, but she especially loved these pink and white roses.  How had he known? A heavenly fragrance was filling the room, and just for a moment, she closed her eyes to smell the beautiful flower’s perfume.  The wonderful scent caused her to fall asleep once again.


She was dancing with her eyes closed!  To Cara, this progression of dreams started to feel like she was joining her own self somewhere in time.  As she and her future became one, knowledge of her life came flooding in.  Opening her eyes, she looked up into his smiling face.  How handsome he was!  And the way he was looking at her, so full of love!  With a heart overflowing with emotions she smiled back at him.  She loved being with him so much that not much else mattered.  It took her a moment before she could tear her eyes away from his beloved face to study their magnificent surroundings.

They were in a beautiful ballroom with a glass dome above them and columns on the sides decorated with stone vines and flowers.  Oval chambers adjoined the circular hall in all four directions.  The place was tastefully decorated and beautifully lit.  On the circular dancefloor beneath that shining glass roof, other couples were swirling to a stately waltz, in one large circle with others inside.

Cara loved the ladies’ long dresses and the men’s tailored elegant suits.  This was so gorgeous, and she felt so blessed to be here with him!  He had been watching her delight in this beautiful moment and, when she returned her gaze to his face, the look of love in his eyes made her heart skip a beat.  As he pulled her closer, she once again closed her eyes.  She just wanted to stay in this moment, to burn it forever into her mind.


The sound of waves drowned out the music.  This time Cara was startled as she opened her eyes.  It took her a minute, but then she managed to join the self that was there at this moment.  Her first thought was of him, and her face lit up when she caught sight of her love.  There he was, close beside her, and he was laughing as he planted a kiss on her salt covered nose.  They were on their own sailboat, out on the ocean, on their way to Alaska.  It seemed, she had dropped off to sleep at the wheel!  Good thing they had all those electronics!  The look that she gave him was just a bit sheepish, never before had she fallen asleep while on duty. 

They had been out here for a few days now, just her and him.  Since they preferred sailing by themselves, they had all the instruments needed to make sure they were safe.  They could keep moving, and both take a nap if they did not find a sheltered place to anchor for the night.  To have a person on watch at all times had been their personal choice.

It looked like she had been more tired than she had thought.  He was so wonderful, as always, not angry at all.  Pulling her up, he hugged her close for a moment telling her that maybe later she should get some more sleep.  Now it was time to reset the sails.  One alone could do this, but they preferred to work as a team.

This boat was their baby, and he had taught her to sail it with patience and love.  They shared all the duties and had spent long hours together preparing their vessel for this.  Cara had gotten to know her, inside and out.  Turning off the autopilot, he now took the wheel.  For a moment, he pulled her close up beside him.  Together they watched the restless sea.  She loved being out here and felt such deep peace.  The sound of the waves, the warmth of his shoulder, the sun shining down, what a marvelous day!  She felt safe and protected.  Happily, she smiled up at him.  The gaze of his eyes drew her to him, and he gently began to kiss her.  As their kiss deepened, Cara’s eyelids just seemed to fall closed.


The young woman opened her eyes and stretched.  Each time it was easier to slide into the new scene.  Cara realized that the tone of his voice had lulled her to sleep.  She was comfortably stretched out on the sofa, in their home by the Sound.  He was pacing up and down in front of the fire, reading out loud.  This was something he very much loved to do.  Sensing her watching, he stopped his pacing.  Marking his place, he looked up from the paper.  As their eyes met, she felt her breath catch and a feeling of awe.  Life with him was so amazing!  She remembered how the seed for their love had been planted that very first day.  Cara, as always, felt that irresistible pull to be near him, to touch him, to hold him, to drown in his gaze.  The love she felt for this gorgeous man welled up inside her and made her heart sing.

She loved his eyes, his dark hair, his voice, his manners, the way that he dressed.  To her he was incredible, without compare, she loved his good points but also his quirks.  He now came towards her, almost like a moth drawn to the flame, and sat down beside her.  The heat in her body had risen, the want, the need, was right there.

Looking into his eyes, she gave him that special smile reserved just for him.  He instantly understood what was on her mind.  He knew that grin, it was their signal for what she would like.  He laughed, and Cara raised her eyebrows at him.  Putting down the papers, he slid alongside her.  She could feel the effect she was having on him.  The bedroom could wait, and in pure ecstasy once again her eyes seemed to close.


Where was she this time?  The fog around her seemed to clear more slowly than before.  When she could see, she realized that her eyes were filled with happy tears.  Cara took in the scene around her through a shimmering curtain.  This place was familiar and pleasantly warm.  She was on top of a hill overlooking low hills and then flat land all the way to the sea.  And, she was not alone.  There seemed to be quite a crowd here around her.

When her eyes fell on him, her face lit up like the sun.  He was standing there, patiently holding out his hand.  Cara could feel her heart soar just at the sight of him.  All of her was being flooded with a feeling of incredible joy.  He was dressed entirely in white next to a deep blue convertible with cans attached to its rear.  To her, as always, he was the most handsome man she had ever seen, the love of her life and of her dreams.

As she stepped towards him, she caught a glimpse of herself on the side of the car.  She was dressed in a gorgeous white gown!  She suddenly realized that this was their wedding day!  Cara looked beautiful in this magnificent creation with her long hair arranged in corkscrew curls down her back.  Her family was there, smiling at her, and a feeling of pure bliss came over her as she looked at her man.  

Cara beamed up at him as he gingerly tucked her into her seat, her heart filling with boundless love!  As the car pulled forward, they waved happily at their family and friends.  What a perfect day!  Gazing at the road, her eyes, once again, began to close.


She would have liked to have stayed and enjoyed that fabulous day, but once again the world had shifted, and now they were here.  All the scenes changed, but she was so grateful that he was always there, always so loving, so caring.  They were standing in front of a window, hand in hand, of a quaint little store on a quiet street corner.  There was a park to the left.  There were two shelves in the window artfully decorated with blue satin and beautiful silk flowers to accent the books.  She smiled with delight as she realized that the books on the lower shelf were three of her own!  His work was above her’s, and he had much more than she.

He smiled at her, and there was pride in his gaze, she had done it!  Her books were now amazing bestsellers!  She was nervous, as always, before any signing and he had brought her here early to show her this sight.  How lucky she was to have this man by her side, so kind, so supportive, so thoughtful at all times.  She smiled at him gently, and he pulled her close.  He put his arm around her shoulders and led her back to the car.

When they returned later, they had to use the back door.  There was a long line of people all the way out of the front door and alongside the street.  Two tables had been set up on opposite sides of the store, one for her, one for him.  They would look across and smile at each other in-between dealing with fans.


The next scene she entered came as a surprise.  Before she had always closed her eyes or drowned in his gaze or fallen asleep.  She knew all of a sudden that it was a couple years later and where they were going.  The realization made her legs go weak.  She and her husband were in a white limousine which had just pulled up to a gala event.  Their chauffeur got out and opened the door.

Her husband exited first and reached in to help her stand.  She was nervous, this was the premiere of her latest movie, and the biggest event so far.  She was so glad he was near.  The previews had netted an awesome response, people just loved the new film!  There were so many fans besides that red rug, so many admirers!

As he was leading her forward on the red carpet, he gently squeezed her hand.  She was so happy!  Cara laughed and smiled waving at her adoring fans.  She had truly made it, had the life she had dreamed of.  She had the love of her life holding her hand, a public who revered her, books that sold beyond her wildest expectations, sold out movies, and games people loved to play.


Cara was happy and grateful to the Divine and this wonderful man by her side.  He had been there to guide her, to support her, and he was her biggest fan.  He had believed in Cara’s writing right from the start and had helped with the marketing of the next book.  It took off like wildfire.  Sales of her first book had suddenly gone through the roof.  It had been an amazing triumph, far exceeding anything she had believed possible.  The first series had paved the way for her fantasy stories, and they had been an even greater success.

She was so thankful to be sharing this life full of laughter, love, accomplishments, and travel with him.  The peace in her heart had enabled her writing like nothing else had.  She felt so blessed.  All her dreams had come true.  Life had turned out to be more awe-inspiring than she had ever thought possible.

When they found each other, they both had learned to fill themselves up first.  This allowed the young couple to love with an intensity that neither had known.  A deep understanding of the self and honest talks had kept discord away.  Their love for each other had grown, and they had drawn ever closer together the more time went by.  They had learned how to keep the magic alive, and she knew that they would do so for the rest of their lives.





© Copyright 2017 by GC Sinclaire

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