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Love of my  Life

Like a calm lake

being near you soothes my soul.

Your love enfolds me,

keeps me safe from all harm.

When your arms surround me,

you set my body alight.

Your love allows me

to shine so very, very bright.

You make me feel beautiful,

adored, cherished, desired.

I love you,

with all my heart, my soul.

You inspire me,

give my fantasy wings.

Together we fly higher

then I could have ever imagined.

You are the man of my dreams

and of my waking hours.

The deep connection between us

fills me with peace and elation.

You are my home, my shelter,

my best friend, my partner in life.

I surrender and let you flow

into my life.

© GC Sinclaire 20 January 2020

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