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Lovers Eternal


I love your laughter and adore your smile,

Your positivity sets my soul on fire,

You treat yourself and all around you with kindness, love, and respect,

Compassion is big in your heart, but still, you know how to protect.


We share a passion for books and our love for nature is deep,

We fill each other up and speak kindly and sweet,

See the good in this world and the people to boot,

We love each other so much that sometimes it hurts.


You are patient, romantic, and incredibly sexy,

As lovers, our bodies are completely in tune,

Take each other straight up to heaven and beyond to the stars,

Our immortal souls intertwine, one from the start.


We can trust each other, our word, without ever a doubt,

You want me and no other to love and to hold,

You take care of yourself and look great in a suit,

Together we are incredibly strong.


We share our deepest thoughts, our joy, and the pain,

Continue to grow together with each passing day,

We work side by side to accomplish that which needs doing,

So we can have fun and play in the sun.


We have more than enough money to do as we please,

We travel to places we have long wanted to see,

We always make sure that we talk about things,

That we stay in touch which that what we feel.


We are able to be authentically us, accept each other just as we are,

We grow together as partners and friends, have a wonderful time,

In each other's arms, we share a feeling of complete inner delight,

Take comfort in knowing that it will all come out right.


You and I, lovers eternal right to the end.




© Copyright 2017 GC Sinclaire

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