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This Personality Assessment Sheet Example for the self and one’s partner can be helpful in multiple ways. 

  1. It allows for self-evaluation through time.

  2. It may be helpful as an assessment tool for a future partner.

  3. It can be used to keep track of progress for couples who are working on improving their relationship.


This is only an example to give you an idea.  We each have different traits which are important to us.  The ones listed below are just ones I came up with, they do not apply to everyone.  I recommend making your own, coming up with your own questions to ask.  The place I feel that it benefits us all to start would be an honest evaluation of the self.


Below is my recommendation for use:

Since we each place different emphasis on different traits, I recommend marking the ones which are most important to you in your list.  Then, assign yourself a number between 1 and 10 to for each characteristic depending how strong or weak you see yourself in that aspect.  I personally use 1 as the weakest and 10 as the best.


1 For Self-evaluation, you can assign a number to each characteristic from 1-10 what you would like your ideal self to be like and then use the other columns to track progress.

2 For an ideal mate, think of the qualities you would like in a partner and what minimum number of that characteristic is acceptable to you.  Place this number in the ideal column.  Now you can compare possible partners to this result.

3 For improving your existing relationship, start by thinking about where you would like your mate to be ideally.  Be realistic and fair, no one is perfect.  Next, take an honest assessment where you believe your partner ranges at this moment and place these numbers in under 1.  Comparing the two allows you to evaluate where he/or she is now.

(An Exchange of such sheets may yield valuable insights in how the other perceives us and may open avenues for discussion.) Please do not share this with your partner if you fear he/she may become overly angry, violent, or abusive!  Always be safe!  Also, please do not use this as a tool to hurt them, be kind!


Remember, be honest with yourself and realistic in your evaluation.  Anything else just defeats the purpose.  I have yet to meet a perfect 10 in any category and besides, perfection is boring and often hides deep-seated insecurities.  We are all human and have flaws and love, respect and tolerance of each other goes a long way!


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partner evaluation sheet_edited.jpg

Below is a printable version of this handy tool.  I hope you find it helpful!

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