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Some of the terminology, as well as measurements, are different in the kingdoms, and I have therefore taken the liberty to convert these to make it easier to follow this engaging tale.


Kahve:  A restorative similar to coffee.

A League:  A measure of length.  One league equals about three miles.  It was defined as the distance a person could walk in one hour.

Mindspeaking:  To talk to another person or being by the use of just one’s thoughts.

A Sending:  A cruel incantation which acts as a magical dream trap.  It is fed by the captured persons own power.  The harder the victim tries to escape, the stronger the spell grows.  The enchantment is often designed to use the person’s fears against them and end their life.  Some ‘Sendings’ are crafted in such a way that the magical gifts of the dreamer are passed on to the senders.

A Shield:  A protection placed around a person which acts as an invisible armor against psychic threats.  It can also be used to hide a person’s abilities or location.

A Soulbond:  The bond shared between the Eagles and their mates.  It often comes into existence at birth or in early childhood and grows stronger over time.  The soulbond is an actual bond between the souls of these individuals and can only be broken by death.  The loss of the bond is so devastating to the remaining partner that he/she is often unwilling to go on living.

Woodcraft:  The skill as well as the practice of survival in the wild and the knowledge of how to maintain oneself in the woods and find one’s way.  For Arianna this included hunting, scouting, finding tracks, not leaving traces for others to follow, along with anything else her teacher, Anders, could think of.

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