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Writing for me is a passion and amazing fun. It takes me away from the everyday world and to exotic places where my imagination can run free.  An idea is born, sometimes from a dream, and once I start putting it down on paper it takes on a life of its own.


'Arianna - A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms' was published in the Summer of 2016, 'Mystic Highlands Love Story' in January of 2019. You can find excerpts for your enjoyment on the books' own pages. If you would like to read some of my other works, please see my blog.

GC Sinclaire is an amazing writer and master storyteller. Her writing is utterly captivating. I found myself immediately drawn into her characters and will long remember their adventures, but beyond that, I felt as though I had entered their world and had been there sharing in their exploits. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to engage in a fascinating adventure. Your journey will begin on the very first page.

Patton Boyle

Author of Screaming Hawk, Screaming Hawk Returns and The Peaceable Kingdom.

The long awaited book is finally available this summer!  As the story unfolds it reminds us a little of Harry Potter, a bit of Tolkien,  and most certainly keeps us in suspense until the last page!  This well-written  story makes for an entertaining read for young adults as well as the young at heart.

a picture of the book Arianna A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms
GC Sinclaire   
A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms


The Eleven Kingdoms had known mostly peace for many years.  This all changes on the fateful day when King Vargos, the feared overlord of the realm, decides to make Arianna, the oldest Princess of Maridanmar, his wife.  When the tyrant's envoy arrives to relay this demand, the princess agrees to ensure the survival of her home and family.  Privately, however, she and her father have other plans even if this means that the girl will never be able to return to her home.


Arianna is much more than just a mere princess.  On her mother's insistence, she has secretly been trained in a variety of subjects.  The young woman has been taught magic, knows how to defend herself, and how to survive in the wild.  Before long, she has reason to be grateful for her training and for the timely warning which advised her to hide her abilities.  The woman her future husband sent along to take the place of her own maid turns out to be a powerful worshipper of the Dark Arts.  The ruthless sorceress is in complete control of the troops and makes no effort to hide her hatred of this latest bride.


The treatment Arianna receives at the hands of her escort is beyond anything she has ever experienced before.  The soldiers and even the envoy are terrified of the sorceress.  None dare to displease the ill-tempered woman by openly helping the princess.  Arianna soon realizes that the witch has no intention of letting her reach Darkmoor Castle alive.  The princess had always chosen to be sweet and kind and live by the rule of doing no harm, but now the girl finds herself in a situation where she needs to draw on all her skills, knowledge, and resources to survive.


This is a tale of courage, determination, and coming into one’s own.  We travel along with Arianna as she grows from the innocent princess leaving the security of her home to a strong and competent young woman who is able to embrace all of herself and who is willing to risk it all to protect those she loves.  Arianna faces adversity bravely and makes new friends wherever she goes while fleeing from the henchmen of a cruel and wicked king determined to make her his bride.  And, just when she thinks all is lost, help arrives from an unexpected source … 






Mystic Highlands

Love Story


The Highlands are a wild place where even the very land is filled with magic.  Ki’ara is looking forward to returning home but is also filled with apprehension.  What will her stay at Seamuir Castle be like this time?  Until recently, the lord of the clan, her oldest brother Ragnald, had been her guardian.  One his first acts when he took over the rule from their father had been to break her engagement to the man she still loved.  Now, however, the situation has changed but will Ki’ara have to break with the clan in order to reunite with Conall StCloud?

GC Sinclaire has cleverly interwoven the story of Ki’ara with the history of the Highlands to create a magical tale which will entertain you until the very last word!



Mystic Highlands


In this captivating sequel to the first book in the series, Mystic Highlands Love Story, Ki'ara has been back in the Highlands for just a few days. After an attempt on her life, she sees herself forced to bring charges against her brother. As providence would have it, a full council is convening before the wedding she came to attend.

To the young lady's surprise, Conall StCloud is at the meeting. Since all contact with the man she loves had been strictly forbidden to her, Ki'ara had not spoken to him in years. She is immensely grateful when he stands with her as she presents her case to have her brother removed as the lord of the clan.

During the assembly, his fingers find hers under the table, and once it concludes, they rise, hand in hand. Hope is reborn in Ki'ara's heart. Is there a chance that Conall still cares for her even after all Ragnald has done to him? Could there be a time for love for the two of them?


the shapeshifter's bride cover3dfin.jpg

The Shapeshifter's Bride

From one day to the next, Ella’s luck changes and becomes almost magical. When she and her brother Richard receive an invitation from an exclusive resort, she does not suspect that fate has a hand in this particular windfall. Once the siblings arrive on the island, they realize that there is more to the place than meets the eye.


Ella starts having vivid dreams of a gorgeous man who takes her traveling all over the world.  To her surprise, she finds herself falling in love with her nighttime companion.

Is he real as he claims to be or just a figment of her imagination? And, what about the bond she feels with the man who is also a wolf? Has true love finally found her, and what is actually going on here on this very mysterious island?

In this delightful modern-day fairytale set in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, GC Sinclaire interweaves fantasy and reality to create a truly charming and enjoyable tale. The author gently reminds us that even today, miracles are possible if you only believe. Magical and entertaining, this spellbinding story will capture your attention from the first word to the very last sentence.


An Exceptional Adventure front cover fin.jpg

On a beautiful morning, a dark influence disrupts Cara Magnuson’s peaceful life on the Isle of Arran. As a result, despite her special abilities, she ends up walking right into a magical trap. Imagine her dismay when she realizes that getting back home will be far from easy!

Never one to give up, she searches for a way to free herself and escape the strange environment she finds herself in. Before long, the determined young woman discovers that she is not the only one the spell has captured and that it reaches back in time to her Viking ancestors!

Can she turn this Exceptional Adventure into a blessing for herself and her clan?

DSCF3300 (2).JPG


GC Sinclaire lives on the magical Key Peninsula in the beautiful Seattle area.  She shares her life with her adorable dogs, Micha the Mighty, Erebus also called Bear, Hella Rose the escape artist, the gorgeous Arianna, and two spunky guinea pigs.  

The author feels very blessed to be surrounded by a loving and supportive family of friends.  She loves to hike, kayak, sail, dance, work out, read, and especially write.  GC adores the solitude and peacefulness of the ocean as well as the tall trees and mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  

The author says she gains some of her best inspirations on those long walks in the woods surrounding the picturesque Puget Sound or from her vivid dreams. 


These are the first few books published by this author.  We have been assured, however, that others will soon follow.  Some of her stories and poems are published on her Facebook page, GC Sinclaire, where she posts updates and ideas.



Child of Ice 11_InPixio_InPixio.jpg

Child of the Ice

The arctic is a hostile environment that has incredible beauty and true magnificence but can turn deadly in a heartbeat. Life is challenging for the scientists working at the polar stations. Over the years, they have formed their own society built on their dependence on each other. Trust has to be absolute for them to survive and thrive together on the icecap.

Growing up, Aelased accompanied her parents to the various stations. She was used to moving every few years and loves her life in the far north. She is very close to her mother and both she and her father are devastated when her mom, as well as her kin, disappear without a trace in a terrible storm. 


To make a new start, her father takes a position at another station. Aelased has since graduated and has become his assistant. After a terrifying incident, the young woman finds herself more and more drawn to the colleague her father keeps bringing home for dinner.

Will their love last or is there trouble on the horizon? And what secret surrounds Aelased's conception? Will she be able to save her people when disaster looms on the horizon?

Coming Soon!


Mystic Highlands


In this imaginative sequel to the first two books in the series, Ki'ara and Conall set out to travel to the land of the elves to deliver her brother Ragnald to a place where they hope that he can be safe. When they arrive at the castle where the StCloud had stashed him, distressing news awaits them. Is Ragnald beyond redemption or can the Zidhe help? The change in her brother makes their journey all the more urgent. 

When the group arrives at the mystical city of Elvenhorst, Ki'ara is finally reunited with her parents. News about trouble at De'Aire Chateau, however, cuts short this visit. Leaving Ragnald behind in her family's care, Ki'ara and Conall, along with several of the elves, set out to fulfill a promise she made back in Frankonia.


Ki'ara is loath to leave the magical lands of the elves so soon but her grandfather gives her his word that she and her husband can return after their errand. The thought that she will, at last, be able to explore the realm lightens her spirits.


What does fate have in store for the couple? And, what has the bumbling wizard been up to since her departure? What new dangers will the group face and can they rid the mountains of this menace? 

Coming soon!

Revenge of an  Angry Goddess
A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms

Arianna has been enjoying the comforts of Eagle's Nest Aerie since her rescue by the shapeshifting Eagles.  She and her fairy friends find a safe haven in the mountain home.  Even Galata the dragon is welcome there.  But thoughts of her family begin to make the princess restless.


When Arianna leaves the safety of Kyrill's home to reunite with her aunt and siblings, she has no idea what awaits her. Cer'ridwen, one of the few friends of the evil Nor'dur, has vowed revenge for the fate of the Elder God.  She arranges the kidnapping of the princess.


Kyrill is desperate to find Arianna.  Once again he uses their connection to met with her in his dreams.  He enlists their fairy friends and the dragon Galata to help him rescue the young woman from the desolate lands far to the south where she has been taken.  


Once again, Arianna faces adversity head on and does not lose hope even when it looks like all is lost.  For Kyrill, it is a race against time since Cer'ridwen has further plans for the princess …


Escape from Lothrien
A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms

Emerie lives with her brothers and grandmother on the river Syda near the coast of Lothrien.  The family farms and barges goods up to Darkmoor Castle.  Their lives used to be happy until the deaths of Emerie's parents and older siblings.


Now, the evil influence of the God Nor'dur is working its way more and more into her brothers' minds.  It seems that every time they go up to the castle, they come back angrier and filled with more hate.  Emerie's life has been getting progressively harder.  She not only helps on the barge but also works on the farm.  When she overhears her oldest brother's plans for her, she realizes that worse was to come.


One uncharacteristically cold and stormy spring day, her brother Logan falls off the boat into the raging river.  Emerie manages to rescue him.  When she returns from the house to put away their tools and make sure the barge is secure, she makes an amazing discovery which changes everything.  For the first time since her parents' death, Emerie sees a chance to have the life she has been dreaming of.  All she needs to do is get away from her brothers and find her way out of the cursed kingdom ....


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