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Excerpt from 'The Shapeshifter's Bride'


Ella and Richard have discovered a stone circle similar to Stonehenge on the island. Their attempts to gain information from the staff of the resort have failed. Therefore, Ella decides to go investigate the phenomenon in spirit form:


"... After retrieving one of the candles from the bathroom and lighting it, I made myself comfortable on the couch in the living room. Then, I centered myself. Richard sat down in a chair next to me. He knew what to watch for and, if he felt that I was in any sort of trouble, he would shake me to bring me back into my body.

Taking several calming breaths, I shielded myself before allowing myself to slide into a deep trance. I began to push my mind outward, to expand first into the ether of the room then beyond. Soon I was sensing, feeling all that was around us.

Detecting no evidence of danger nor any kind of threat from any direction, I began to concentrate on specific areas that drew me. One of these was the circle of stones. In my mind’s eye, I could see the translucent, shimmering aura of power surrounding each one of the rocks.

The colors washing over the megaliths ranged from pure white all the way to indigo and were continually changing! Arches of light connected the stones. What a fascinating and magnificent display! We will definitely have to explore the circle further, I decided right then and there.

I was too curious not to examine this phenomenon closer. Soon, I was happily playing in the auras and the lights of the ancient circle. I let the sparkling energy flowing around the stones wash over and through me, and it felt absolutely amazing! The sensation was like absorbing an entire pot of coffee all at once! I felt rejuvenated and vibrantly alive.


Suddenly, a person stepped within. I had noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to face the intruder interrupting my fun. At the sight of him, recognition dawned, and I froze in the middle of my dance of pure joy.

It was him! The man who could turn into the wolf! With a sudden jolt, I remembered my dreams from last night. Now I understood why access to them had been blocked! I could not help but turn a deep shade of red.

What had started with the innocent dream of walking hand in hand in the woods, had progressed much further during the night. I now recalled him setting my blood on fire with his mere touch! His kisses had caused a longing and want inside of me that had become almost unbearable, his hands roaming over my body and mine over his had sired a desire, a passion, that had been beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

I had wanted him so badly and he me that we had almost lost control. Panting, we had finally pulled apart. We knew deep inside that the time was not yet right. As urgently as we had craved each other, we realized that we needed to wait. I was not sure I would be able to maintain that resolve if he touched me again like he had done that night!


Standing stock-still within the glowing circle of stones, I warily eyed the object of my dream’s burning desire. Was he real or some sort of a phantom? I had to know before I lost any more of my heart to this man! To get the answers I wanted, needed, I would have to keep some distance between us.

Even now, I could feel the attraction between us. There was an intense magnetism emanating from him that drew me like a moth to the flame. It took all my willpower to resist it. If I let him come near me or stepped towards him, I was certain that my body, even in spirit form, would react just as it had when he had touched me before in my dream ..."


I hope that you enjoyed this small excerpt from my book

'The Shapeshifter's Bride!'

Much love and a wonderful day

GC Sinclaire

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