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GC Sinclaire

Imaginative Fantasy Author


 fellow adventurers and dreamers!

Hello and welcome to the webpage of imaginative fantasy author GC Sinclaire.  This is the place to be if you are looking to travel to magical places and meet some amazing characters!

Clan Sinclair

Available Since

the 9th of October 2019! 

the shapeshifter's bride cover3dfin.jpg

Ella and Richard Montgomery receive a surprising invitation to an exclusive resort in the beautiful San Juan Islands. Once the siblings arrive, Ella starts having vivid dreams of a gorgeous man who takes her traveling all over the world. 
To her surprise, she finds herself falling in love with her nighttime companion. Is he real as he claims or just a figment of her imagination? And, What about the bond she feels with the man who is also a wolf? Has true love finally found her and what is actually going on here on this very mysterious island?

In this delightful modern-day fairytale set in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, GC Sinclaire interweaves fantasy and reality to create a truly charming and enjoyable tale. The author gently reminds us that even today, miracles are possible if you only believe. Magical, whimsical this entertaining tale will capture your attention from the first word to the very last sentence.

GC Sinclaire is an amazing writer and master storyteller. Her writing is utterly captivating and your journey will begin on the very first page!
Patton Boyle
Author of Screaming Hawk, Screaming Hawk Returns, and The Peaceable Kingdom.

Sinclaire is a magical author who cleverly blends romance and the mystical into a well-developed plot with fully developed characters. Passionate, sensitive, and sensual. A pleasure to read!
John Blakemore, Author 

Published January 2019! 

The sequel is in the works right now!

Mystic Highlands

Love Story


The Highlands are a wild place where even the very land is filled with magic.  Ki’ara is looking forward to returning home but is also filled with apprehension.  What will her stay at Seamuir Castle be like this time?  Until recently, the lord of the clan, her oldest brother Ragnald, had been her guardian.  One his first acts when he took over the rule from their father had been to break her engagement to the man she still loved.  Now, however, the situation has changed but will Ki’ara have to break with the clan in order to reunite with Conall StCloud?

GC Sinclaire has cleverly interwoven the story of Ki’ara with the history of the Highlands to create a magical tale which will entertain you until the very last word!


Published August 2016! 

Book 1 of the Eleven Kingdom Series!

A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms

This entertaining story takes place in the Eleven Kingdoms, a place which had known peace for many years.  One fateful day, this was about to change.  This is a tale of courage and determination with a hint of love as well as magical creatures and unexpected turns of events.


The heroine of the story is an unusual princess who is willing to give up everything she has known to escape the circumstances fate sends her way.  She faces much adversity with keen wit and bravery while fleeing from the henchmen of a cruel and wicked king determined to make her his bride.  And, just when she thinks all is lost, help arrives from an unexpected source …

a picture of Arianna A Tale from the Eleven Kingdoms by GC Sinclaire

Welcome to the amazing world of GC Sinclaire!

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GC Sinclaire

Gig Harbor, WA

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Clan Douglas

Hi!  I am GC Sinclaire but my readers and friends call me Gabriele or GC.  Weaving a good yarn is my bliss and my way of dealing with the world around me.  Most of my stories start with a very vivid dream.  As I sit down to write, more details come into the light and the tale keeps me enthralled until the very last sentence. I just have to know how it will end! 

With my dream of the Highlands, my love for Scotland grew even more and I have since then become a proud member of Clan Sinclair as well as Douglas!  I am working on the sequel and intend to publish it within the next few months.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Much love and a wonderful day!

the shapeshifter's bride cover3dfin.jpg

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